Makiyo breaks down as her mother goes under the knife


After news that Makiyo’s mother deteriorating health condition made headlines early this year, the Taiwanese-Japanese celebrity thought things had changed for the better when the tumour in her mother’s lungs reduced in size.

Her mother had previously expressed her joy as well and said, “The doctor said the medicine is effective. I will try my best to keep my illness under control. Having lived till now, I don’t want to die.”

Unfortunately, the elder had reportedly fallen at home yesterday while trying to sit, as she inaccurately estimated how far she was from the chair. The artiste sensed something wrong and decided to bring her mother to the doctor, who then discovered a tumour in her brain with a circumference of 4cm.

It is suspected that the cancer cells had spread from her lungs to the brain, and she was advised to go under the knife today.

Makiyo, who broke down and cried, said, “I am very nervous and worried that something may go wrong, I pray for my mum’s safety.”

She even revealed the doctor had told her to prepare for the worst as the two days after the operation will be the most crucial period.

The 30-year-old had also noticed her mother falling frequently these days because of she was unable to judge the distance away from the chair or bed. The elder suffered from pain in the spine and cold compression did not help relieve it.

The 63-year-old’s monthly medical bill is said to be at least NT$200,000 (approximately S$8,200). She was also previously told by the doctor to go on a vegetarian diet after aching from chemotherapy sessions. However, her mother was not used to it and did not heed the advice as she did not want to lose too much weight.

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