Lollipop’s ex-manager accused of raping man

Andy Zhang

Taiwanese boyband Lollipop’s ex-manager Andy Zhang, who was also previously a producer at Channel V, has been charged with rape of a man named “Xiao Ze”.

After successfully bringing Lollipop and Hey Girl to fame, Andy became a well-known name in the industry. Due to his small physique and feminine features, rumours of him being gay were rife. However, all speculations were dismissed when he married his girlfriend in 2008.

According to Xiao Ze, he has been in a sexual relationship with Andy for two years and the two had performed intercourse in the latter’s car, at least thrice every week.

In May, Andy brought along another man to their “date” and suggested having a threesome. Although Xiao Ze was unwilling, he reluctantly obliged when the other two men agreed to put on condoms while having sex.

To his shock, Andy and his partner removed the condoms halfway through the intercourse. Unable to fight against the two men, Xiao Ze was eventually raped by them.

With the support from his friends, Xiao Ze reported the case and handed over his underwear and pants as well as the wet tissues used by Andy to the police.

In addition, he also exposed his past conversations with Andy to the media. In one of the video recordings, Andy apologised for being “greedy about trying new (sexual) stunts”. However, he denied raping Xiao Ze since they were both willing parties.

Xiao Ze found it hard to accept Andy’s words and said: “I’m truly overwhelmed with grief.”

While Andy had reportedly met Xiao Ze at a lawyer’s office for reconciliation talks, the two failed to reach an agreement. Since the scandal broke, the ex-Lollipop manager has yet to make any formal response.

Andy Zhang

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