Lollipop F’s Fabien caught smoking

Lollipop F, Fabien

Lollipop F member Fabien (Yang Qiyu) was caught smoking at Lan Kwai Fong while the boy group was in Hong Kong for an event.

The group attended the opening ceremony for a World Cup event at the apm mall on Sunday, where they exchanged football pointers with Dutch football star, Rudd Gellit.

At midnight on that same day, Fabien had allegedly been spotted smoking at Lan Kwai Fong. When asked for confirmation, the 29-year-old indirectly admitted to the deed: “I will be more careful next time.”

Although group mate A-Wei tried to divert the topic by suggesting that they exchange pointers with Rudd, the reporters persisted with their questioning, asking Fabien where he brought the lady who was with him at that time.

“[I] was just sending a friend back on the way,” he claimed, and emphasised that he was accompanied by management staff too.

Where did he send her to? Fabien replied: “To the hotel. (There was nothing special?) No, no!” he added that he would be more careful next time, and apologised: “Sorry, I was wrong!”

When asked if he was afraid that fans would misunderstand, A-Wei admitted, “Actually, I feel that it’s normal for [guys] of our age to make friends. It’s quite unreasonable if [we] say that [we] don’t date and don’t have girls that [we] like.”

Regarding this, Lollipop F’s manager expressed that he had already tried to persuade Fabien to quit smoking, but denied that the latter had been intimate with a woman: “I was there too; [he] only went to a friend’s birthday party. Fabien was experiencing the night scene in Hong Kong.”

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