LIVESTAR *Must See – New Cam Girls*

Lately WinkTV and LIVESTAR are having War for MONEY. Both company have been hiring MANY NEW hot models to stream..

There are many more new girls but, due to limited time. I shall just post some which you have seen before.

Let the WAR BEGINS!!!


WinkTV pick girls for their looks… but LIVESTAR is different.. each and EVERY LIVESTAR girls are SUPER SEXY, they make you SWEAT and glue your eyes to your monitor!

WinkTV has Park Nima ?.. LIVESTAR Does have her own FlagShip Girl Now. There are indeed many pretty broadcasting Korean girls. But this girl from LIVESTAR stands out!


This following girl from LIVESTAR is one of our favourites. We felt that she really is a very classy girl from IN and OUT, Head to Toes. Talking about charm. She is the one.







This following girl is ME the editor .. FIRST CHOICE. I mean Come on.. I personally checked on her LIVE performing schedule everyday.. I WANT TO WATCH HER EVERY DAY and NIGHT.

She doesn’t look really pretty nor has a perfect body.. you know perky boobs, tender rounded bum.. but if you .. ONLY if you have the chance to Watch her LIVE in HD format. You will DIE for her.

We have a video of her in blank and pink Kimono… She does not only give you visual pleasure.. she give you AUDIO pleasure as well 🙂




This following girl is all about SEXINESS. Its like 101% sexiness. The girl does some foreplay.. flirting etc.. but this following girl is like SO HORNY. She’ll make you explode on your keyboard!

LIFE is GOOD, when you watch her LIVE… you just don’t want her to STOP!
She tease you to the MAX, with ICE and nipple twitching…

The girl above often perform TAG team with LIVESTAR girls. She is ONE of the girls below… They are having such a good time and she receive MANY TIPS from viewers. She is breaking the bank with her HEAVENLY PERFORMANCE!


Ok, Thats all guys. Your new friendly editor has to go . CYA!



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