Liu Zhen is pregnant?

Liu Zhen, Xin Long

Although Taiwanese dancer Liu Zhen (also known as Serina Liu) just got married to singer Xin Long, it is suspected that the 39-year-old might already be pregnant.

Liu Zhen married Xin Long, 42, at the Ocean Crystal Chapel in Hawaii on Monday. Rumour has it that their grand wedding cost as much as NT$10 million (approximately S$417,000).

During the wedding, Xin Long forbade all media attempts to take photos of Liu Zhen’s belly, and reminded her not to tire herself out when she mentioned that she wished to continue with dancesport. His excessive concern led to speculations that Liu Zhen was already pregnant.

The wedding took place on Liu Zhen’s 39th birthday, and the dancesport queen had once mentioned that she wanted to become a mother before she turned 40 – has she achieved that wish?

She replied bashfully, “[I’ll] leave everything to fate. If [I] get pregnant, [I’ll] share the news with my good friends.”

During the wedding, Xin Long sang the song ‘Qin Ai De Ah Luo Ha’ to welcome his bride into the chapel. The newlyweds teared twice before Xin Long slipped a 2.2 carat diamond ring, which cost NT$2.5 million (approximately S$100,000), onto Liu Zhen’s finger before 22 friends and family members.

The wedding had been completely planned by Xin Long, who said, “She wanted [an] island; a wedding that’s different from other people’s [so] I completed [her wish] along with her. ‘Qin Ai De Ah Luo Ha’ is a song that [I wrote] for her. The Ocean Crystal Chapel is included in the lyrics, and our wedding went according to the lyrics [as well].”

He confessed: “[Since] our first date, I have known that she is the one for me. [I’ve] never had this feeling before; she knows what I’m thinking, and I know what she wants.”

Liu Zhen was extremely touched by her husband’s thoughtfulness: “I’m very pleased with [my] husband’s arrangements. After all, all my sisters were sent here by him [and everything] was done according to my wishes.”

She added shyly that she wanted to learn how to make Xin Long’s favourite braised pork and green bean soup soon, so as to repay the love that the latter has given her.

Liu Zhen, Xin Long

Liu Zhen, Xin Long

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