Liu Shishi accused of being arrogant

Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi

Since they co-starred in the hit Chinese period drama Scarlet Heart and went public with their romance, Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu and Chinese actress Liu Shishi’s (also known as Cecilia Liu) have enjoyed flourishing careers.

After filming Scarlet Heart 2, the golden couple paired up again for Incisive Great Teacher, and the drama was well-received in China and is slated for an August broadcast on CitiTV in Taiwan.

However, has all the fame gotten into Shishi’s head?

Rumour has it that the TV station forked out a hefty sum of TW$2 million (approximately S$83,000) to invite Shishi, 27, and Nicky, 44, to promote the drama in Taiwan and the actress was less than agreeable about the situation. The couple also refused to attend any other programmes barring the press conference, causing CtiTV to give up on the idea altogether, despite the fact that hotels and event venues had already been booked.

Shishi’s management agency, Chinese Entertainment, explained: “All the terms were agreed upon right from the start; [Nicky and Shishi] refused to appear on shows because [they] were worried that the episode would only focus on their romance and miss the point.”

“[We] will still invite them [to Taiwan], especially because Nicky has an extremely high regard for this drama; [he] even signed 30 sets of the original soundtrack and mailed them to Taiwan,” CtiTV clarified.

When asked to comment on the issue, Nicky’s manager replied that it was not something to be talked about lightly.

Additionally, the couple’s marriage plans have always been a topic of interest since their relationship was exposed, but both have constantly replied that they do not have concrete plans.

However, when the lovebirds were spotted at the airport in Shanghai recently, the latter’s loose clothing sparked rumours that she is already two months pregnant. As her schedule for the latter half of the year looks empty, many are speculating that she is taking time off to prepare for her wedding.

Chinese Entertainment directly refuted the rumours yesterday, while Nicky’s manager claimed: “[I’m] not sure.”

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