Lin Chi-ling not on good terms with Amber Kuo?

Amber Kuo, Lin Chi-lin

Rumour has it that Taiwanese actress-model Lin Chi-ling is unhappy that singer Amber Kuo is being paid as much as she is for endorsing the same makeup brand, when the former has already been doing so for the past two years.

Amber, who was roped in only recently, will be promoting different products from Chi-ling but both were said to receive an eight-figure remuneration in NTD.

The duo had attended an endorsement event recently and Amber had reportedly requested for a separate makeup room from Chi-ling, and was nonchalant even when she arrived late. While they did not appear on stage together, the 28-year-old did not take the initiative to interact with Chi-ling when they were both backstage as well.

It was only until Amber was asked the reason for doing so, that she said she “wants to go take a peek at her (Chi-ling)”. She even posted a photo she took with Chi-ling later.

However, the 1.75m tall model received criticisms for making her fellow brand ambassador, who is 1.58m tall, look short. Netizens also accused Chi-ling of not being sincere in meeting Amber even though their makeup rooms were beside each other.

In response to this, Chi-ling’s manager said that the actress-model is easy-going and dispelled rumours that she is not on good terms with Amber.

“Everyone interacted with one another backstage and they also greeted each other in their respective waiting rooms. Chi-ling is used to bending slightly when taking photos to make everyone look equally tall,” her manager clarified.

Amber’s manager also took the same stand and revealed, “Amber is very excited to endorse the same brand as Chi-ling”, but denied the over-exaggerated eight-figure sum, saying it was kept to seven figures.

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