Liddy Li reconciles with ex-beau

Liddy Li

After disappearing from the public eye for more than three months after her affair with Hong Kong director Oxide Pang was exposed, Liddy Li was spotted with her ex-boyfriend last Friday in Hong Kong.

The two spent more than 40 hours together including dinner at The News Room Diner. Her ex, who coincidentally looks like Oxide, was also seen giving her a kiss on her hand. They then retired to the actress’ apartment, which was reportedly rented by Oxide previously for their rendezvous.

The couple, who have seemingly reconciled, went on another date the next afternoon where they were seen behaving intimately. It is believed that Liddy has decided to make a clean break from Oxide.

In May, her father took his own life during a gunfight with the police after murdering his neighbour, who accused Liddy of being “a third party”.

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Liddy Li

Liddy Li

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