Liddy Li prepares for comeback

Liddy Li

After disappearing from the public eye for almost two months, since her affair with Hong Kong director Oxide Pang was exposed, model-actress Liddy Li finally resurfaced recently and hinted at her wish to make a comeback on Instagram yesterday.

In May, Liddy was found to be having an illicit affair with Oxide, who is married to Malaysian-Chinese actress Angelica Lee. Things took a bizarre turn when she was also revealed to be the daughter of a man who had committed suicide after shooting someone.

Soon after, Angelica, 38, chose to forgive her straying husband, and the couple are currently trying to salvage their marriage. Not only did the actress take up a new acting project, she and Oxide even appeared in Hong Kong together, holding hands to prove their unchanging love for each other.

On July 20, Liddy shared a picture of the blue sky to express her yearning for her father, and last Thursday, she uploaded a picture of the night sky to mourn for the victims of the recent plane crashes, commenting: “The world is no longer normal.  The world is unpredictable. Don’t leave with regrets. May the victims from Air Algerie,TransAsia Airways and Malaysia Airlines rest in peace.”

Yesterday morning, the 26-year-old posted a picture to greet her fans, hinting at her plans to make a comeback to the entertainment industry through a cryptic message: “Everyone has a different combination of backgrounds and environments, causing different thoughts to arise in different people. Some people may view this picture as the sunrise, while others may view it as the sunset. But, none of this matters! No matter whether it’s the sunrise or sunset, it’s still so good and beautiful! As for the lines that I wish to attach to this scene, they are: ‘Good morning, world!’”

According to an insider, Liddy has already made the necessary preparations for her comeback, and rumour has it that she intends to star as herself in a movie based on her departed father’s shooting incident.

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Liddy Li, Oxide Pang

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