Liddy Li identifies her father’s body

Liddy Li

Hong Kong starlet Liddy Li, 26, has been keeping a low profile ever since she was revealed to be the daughter of a murder suspect who took his own life during a gunfight with police.

Although she has yet to make an official statement about this issue, she was spotted identifying her father’s body at the morgue yesterday.

Wearing sunglasses, a mask and cap, Liddy was accompanied by two other women when she went to identify her father’s body. When they left, the three women drove straight for mainland China’s borders.

The singer-actress’ adultery scandal with Hong Kong director Oxide Pang has been a hot topic in Hong Kong recently, and the media has been hoping to get a response from her ever since her affair and the shooting incident were exposed. However, Liddy avoided answering any questions.

Meanwhile, Oxide, 49, has reportedly been staying in Malaysia with his wife, actress Angelica Lee, in a bid to save their marriage, and even promised the latter that he would sever all ties with Liddy.

However, netizens have pointed out recently that Oxide is still following Liddy on Weibo, and insiders claim that they are still in contact with each other. Rumour has it that after Liddy’s father, Li Deren committed suicide, she poured out her woes to her lover.

As Oxide was unable to brush off his feelings for Liddy just yet, he comforted her and even paid her a large “breakup fee”, all behind Angelica’s back.

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