Li Yapeng gives his blessings to Faye Wong

Li Yapeng, Faye Wong

The shocking reconciliation between celebrities Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong revealed over the past week seemed to affect Faye’s ex-husband Li Yapeng more than Nicholas’s ex-wife Cecilia Cheung.

Yapeng, who did not respond to the issue, finally wrote on Weibo on Wednesday, and his post garnered more than 140,000 likes and 100,000 shares within two hours.

The Chinese actor posted: “Be it staying by each other’s side till death, being brave for each other, or fulfilling each other’s wishes, there are many ways of expressing one’s love, and every form should be blessed. To my child’s mum, all the best!”

Netizens praised him for being “gentlemanly” and dubbed him “the best ex-husband in China”. They even joked that “he should consider getting together with Cecilia Cheung”.

In addition, there has been a viral photo of a letter that Yapeng had reportedly written to Faye before the split. It detailed how the former had tried to salvage the failed marriage but the latter was already bent on divorce.

The letter stated Faye started to change a year before the divorce and “drifted apart from me (Yapeng) and Li Yan (their daughter). Li Yan told her aunty one day that you cuddle your cat everyday but not her. I listened to her words from the corridor while you were thinking about your fans”.

As if feeling the impending divorce, the 42-year-old wrote: “If I am obstructing your way to happiness or a second marriage, please tell me, I will respect your decision. If it is just because you don’t love me anymore, I will think that you are treating marriage lightly and don’t know how to love.”

However, the two have separated for only a little more than a year and the letter surfaced right after the reconciliation news, arousing doubts of its authenticity. The letter was also unsigned and netizens are taking the contents with a pinch of salt.

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Li Yapeng, Faye Wong

Li Yapeng

A photo of the letter that Li Yapeng had reportedly wrote to Faye Wong

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