Lee Hom and wife expecting a baby boy?

Lee Hom, Lee Jinglei

American-born Chinese singer Lee Hom recently announced that his wife, Lee Jinglei, is five months pregnant, and it is now being speculated that the baby is a boy.

During an interview at the after-party for his concert in Xi’an, China, Lee Hom couldn’t hide his excitement as he recounted how he screamed and cried when he found out that his wife was pregnant, and said he is thankful to God for gifting him with such a perfect present.

When the reporter asked about the child’s gender, Lee Hom was unwilling to give details, only saying that he has already thought of a nickname for his child, “Wang Yi”.

Is the masculine name hinting that the child is a boy? Lee Hom hastily clarified that if it turned out to be a girl, he’ll change the “Yi” character to something more feminine.

Jinglei also made an appearance at the after-party, along with a cake to celebrate Lee Hom’s birthday. When fans saw her, they immediately chorused, “Congratulations Er Sao (Second Brother’s wife) for getting pregnant!”

After the couple thanked Lee Hom’s fans, the latter held  Jinglei’s hand as he cut the cake, and even kissed her on the forehead twice, displaying their happiness for all to see.

Although this will be his first time being a dad, Lee Hom isn’t worried about taking care of the kid. As he was the one who had brought his little brother up, he’s more than familiar with changing diapers and preparing milk. He hopes to be able to accompany Jinglei when she gives birth and record the birthing process.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Jinglei will be giving birth and going through confinement in Taiwan.

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Lee Hom, Lee Jinglei

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