Ladies’ Code’s Eunbi passes away in car accident

Eunbi from Ladies' Code

Korean girl group Ladies’ Code was involved in a serious car accident in the wee hours of the morning (Sep 3). The group had just wrapped up their schedule in Daegu and was on the Yeongdong Expressway heading towards Incheon.

Their agency, Polaris, has revealed that the road that they were traveling on was slippery due to the rain and that the back wheel of the vehicle they were on came off, causing the driver to lose control of the car which span before hitting a protective wall.

21-year-old Eunbi was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and fellow members RiSe and Sojung were rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in critical condition. Sojung’s condition has since stabilised but RiSe remains in critical condition even after going through three major surgeries that spanned 11 hours.

RiSe’s surgery was reportedly halted because her blood pressure levels dipped to dangerously low levels and her condition is currently being monitored in the Intensive Care Unit as the next 24 hours will be crucial for her recovery. She is said to have suffered blunt force trauma to her head and there are unconfirmed reports that her heart had stopped but medical personnel were able to resuscitate her.

Other members Ashley and Zuny were also in the car but have been revealed to have sustained minor injuries. The other staff members on the vehicle also escaped with minor injuries.

Sojung and RiSe will be transferred from the hospital in Suwon to one in Seoul once they have been cleared to do so. The location for Eunbi’s wake has yet to be determined.


Ladies’ Code’s Eunbi passes away in car accident (© MBC)

Scene of Ladies’ Code’s car accident

Ladies’ Code’s Eunbi passes away in car accident (© MBC)

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