Korean Web Cam Girls LIVE Streaming

First of all, we would like to say a BIG “Thank You” to all members. You are the only reason as to why our website is still up and running.

Just before anybody getting too excited… our LIVE in-house web cam streaming is “coming soon”. We are working very hard and planning to make this work soon. There are a lot of work to do. Language is another problem, all the problems but we are trying to fix it.

LIVE Streaming features:

  • LIVE web streams as seen in videos
  • Lucky member can receive special gifts during LIVE stream and that include “clothings” of the cam girls in performance…
  • More to be updated

All existing and new $59 member will be able to access LIVE stream channel.

We will release some live stream videos for $15 and $39 member to view in the member area.

How many LIVE stream will be available?

As for the number of our in-house LIVE streams, it will depends on your kind tipping to our in-house cam girls.

We do not like the idea of extra charges to enter LIVE channel. But as our $59 membership is for 1 year and not monthly, we do not have the resource to pay in-house cam girls.

The performing cam girl will be notify of any tipping during LIVE stream as a message will be shown. So it will depend on the tips. Tipping can be of any amount with a minimum of $1.

I think I can hear it.. someone is saying “KW7142 aka Park Nima”…!!!

We do not have plan to invite her anytime soon, we will be working with some selected cam girls first to start. Maybe we will post selected pictures of cam girls and let our $59 members choose. Highest vote will be invited to perform.

I am sure many people want to see Park Nima performing LIVE again.. but we are not promising anything for now. We need to get the LIVE stream started first.. if the response is good, maybe and perhaps it might happen. We don’t know.

We welcome and encourage member whom are interested LIVE streaming to give us your suggestion and ideas. So that we can plan it better.


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