Korean Ladies Amateur League of Legends

From the video, we saw male commentators making fun and laughing at the girls whom are competing at the amateur league of legends. Watch out boys, you are next to get own by the hotties!

So you think all the Korean girls are KoreanFanS NET could only fondle their boobies and wiggle their ass? you are WRONG! Bring it! 🙂

Recently, we came across a ridiculous article with the title, why Asians are better at games or rather games like LoL. Basically, the key is “hard work”. Drop by any cyber gaming internet cafe in South Korea and you shall see serious and dedicated Korean gamer training for no less than 15 hrs daily.

A PRO gamer in South Korea is treated like a celebrity. One does not have to be good looking nor able to dance like a snake to be a pop star. South Korean is a country of opportunity.

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