Kim Hyun Joong accused of domestic abuse

Kim Hyun Joong

Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong has been accused of domestic abuse and assault by a lady claiming to be his girlfriend. An acquaintance of the woman claimed, “They have been dating since 2012” and had no problems with their relationship until this May, when she claims to have been assaulted due to “woman problems”, implying that a third party may have been involved in their relationship.

According to Korean media Dispatch, she was hospitalised for two weeks in May after sustaining injuries to her face, chest, arms, buttocks and back after he hit her with his fists and feet. Two months later, she was attacked once again but this time more severely, with fractures to her right ribs causing her a six-week hospital stay.

The woman, who is yet to be identified, shared that from May to July, the vicious circle of him hitting her, apologising and her forgiving him has been repeated but she finally decided to sue him as the situation has since worsened.

Hyun Joong’s alleged girlfriend has submitted evidence to the police to prove their relationship and the extent of her injuries. The police have yet to make a statement but if convicted, the maximum sentence he will face is seven years in prison and a US$10,000 (S$12,500) fine.

UPDATE: Police have confirmed reports of Hyun Joong’s lawsuit but have yet to confirm if the accusations are true. According to Hyun Joong’s artiste management, the actor will still go ahead with a scheduled appearance in Thailand this Sunday.

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