Kenny Bee did not sponsor wedding guests’ expenses

Kenny Bee, Fan Jiang

The three-day grand wedding of Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee and girlfriend Fan Jiang had cost at least HK$5million (approximately S$800,000). The amount reportedly included the air tickets and accommodation of over 100 guests who attended the wedding.

However, insiders revealed it was not the case and guests had to pay for it out of their own pockets.

The couple had arranged accommodation at the 6-star Alila Villas Uluwatu hotel in Bali which costs HK$5,000 (approximately S$800) per night.

Kenny did not specify on the wedding invitation whether air tickets and accommodation will be provided. It was only until a month before the occasion that he requested guests to pay for them, but they were too embarrassed to pull out of the wedding then.

Guests had to fork out at least HK$20,000 (approximately S$3,000) in total, excluding the congratulatory ‘ang bao’ money for the couple, causing much displeasure. Hong Kong model-host Kadhy Chow even chose to stay at another hotel to show her unhappiness.

Responding to this issue, Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang supported Kenny’s decision, “Of course (the guests had to pay), how do you expect the couple to pay for everyone? There were so many people who attended, they will be broke.”

Alan Tam said, “Why does it matter? Those who went are all part of us and to bask in the joyful atmosphere. Although Kenny has made a comeback, he still has to take care of his family expenses. Why should we be calculative? We do not have to care about what others write about.”

Tony Leung also showed his disapproval and said, “This is a joyous occasion, please don’t make such comments.”

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Fan Jiang

Kenny Bee, Fan Jiang

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