Ken Zhu’s close brush with death

Ken Zhu

Taiwanese boy band JVKV (formerly known as F4) member Ken Zhu has been making a lot of shocking revelations – after announcing that he was dissolving his fan club, he recently revealed how he survived a brush with death in Thailand.

In 2013, Ken went to Thailand to practice monkhood, which he claimed to be because of his “impure heart [and] wrong condition”. After being introduced to the Jiu Ta Temple by a friend, he started practicing temporary monkhood there.

The 35-year-old admitted that life as a monk was not all that different from celebrity life – his needs were all taken care of, and all he had to do was stick to a routine lifestyle.

The star recounted how he had suddenly felt like cleaning his room on the eve of his birthday on January 15. Unexpectedly, the vacuum cleaner that he borrowed from the temple exploded the moment he plugged it in, scaring him out of his wits. He eventually used his bare feet to extinguish the fire, barely escaping with his life.

When he told one of the monks about his ordeal, the latter replied: “Having your birth and death fall on the same day is also a blessing.”

Ken started to reconsider his actions in the past after the incident, causing his formerly stubborn and arrogant personality to mellow down.

Additionally, Ken has been posting many relationship-related posts on his Weibo, leading to speculations that he will soon be getting married. Although he admitted that he has “quite a few” women whom he is currently going out with, he stressed that there is no one he would wish to settle down with. He added that right now, he yearns for a child more than a girlfriend.

He also announced that after he finishes with his studies at the Beijing Film Academy Department of Directing, he will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Tai Chi (a form of Chinese shadowboxing) at the University of East-West Medicine in America, and intends to support himself in the future by teaching the martial art.

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