Ken Zhu not dating mystery lady after all

Ken Zhu

Several netizens found Ken Zhu, who recently announced his decision to dissolve his fanclub, dining with a mystery woman in an eatery at Zhongyuan Street, Taiwan, on Wednesday night. The fair and long-haired lady, with a sweet appearance, was said to have a Chinese accent and looked below 25 years old.

The two sat in a corner of the eatery, where she left Ken to order after requesting  seaweed. Their interaction was natural with the likes of an old married couple, but kept to small talk. After being photographed by onlookers, they left in a hurry before the paparazzi arrived.

The 35-year-old ended his relationship with Taiwanese actress-model Maggie Wu last year, leaving fans puzzled about his love life at present. He has since posted ambiguous statuses on Chinese social networking site Weibo, including one on “an uncle and a princess” in May.

A post in June read: “Willfulness and naivete are the traits of a princess” and expressed his desire to “take his princess to the ends of the Earth”. Netizens immediately drew a connection between the “princess” and the “mystery lady”.

However, Ken clarified through his manager that their relationship is purely platonic. He merely took her out for a meal, as a friend, after she came to Taiwan for health check-up.

Previously, the singer has admitted to “wanting a child more than a girlfriend”.

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