Ken Zhu caught kissing Chinese model

Ken Zhu

Last Saturday, the 35-year-old singer-actor finally admitted to a new relationship, since his separation from Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin in 2011.

Before dawn this morning, netizens uploaded two intimate pictures of Ken Zhu and his new girlfriend with a congratulatory message, “Congratulations Ken and Xinyu, be together and love each other courageously”.

Ken’s manager, however, refuted claims that the woman pictured was Chinese model-actress Jiang Xinyu, and clarified, “The woman in the photos is Ken’s ex-girlfriend who cannot be named since they have already gone separate ways.”

Ken, on the other hand, confessed to his new relationship on Saturday, although he did not reveal the identity of his girlfriend. He kept things cryptic and simply praised her for being “a nice person,” and asked for the public to give them some “privacy.”

This piece of news received varied reactions from netizens – some feel that Ken is dating this unnamed lady because she looked similar to Kelly and others suspect he is dating her because of her rich background.

The singer-actor, who recently announced to dissolve his fanclub, has been posting ambiguous statuses online, such as ‘an uncle falling in love with a princess’ and ‘to become a knight to protect her,’ and is, undoubtedly, in love.

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