Kelly Lin unveils her baby’s photos for the first time

Kelly Lin

Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin recently gave birth to her second child, and unveiled the baby photos yesterday. The newborn daughter was very expressive and appeared to have her mother’s eyes and her father’s dimples.

Kelly said: “I cried when I first carried her, and till now I’m still very moved when I look at her. It feels like a dream – like oh! I have another baby!”

When asked by reporters if she wants a third child, both Kelly and her husband said in unison: “We want to go for sterilisation!”

They revealed that they wanted to continue having kids initially, but found that the pregnancy process is too exhausting, and decided to stop at two in Kelly’s second trimester.

“Now my dream is fulfilled,” Kelly said. “I wanted two daughters, so they can have each other for company.”

Her husband, Chinese-American businessman Chris Young, pampers their two-year-old elder daughter Kaitlin a lot, so Kelly told him: “You must pamper her sister too, don’t practice favouritism!”

He agreed and said that he would, and said that as he gave Kaitlin a one-carat diamond upon her birth, he would do so for their second baby as well.

When reporters asked what he would give his wife, Kelly chipped in and said she wants to take a vacation by herself for a few days, but as she worries about her husband and daughters by themselves, she said: “Don’t need to go to Hong Kong, just Yangmingshan (a national park in Taiwan) will do.”

As she has not decided on her daughter’s name, she presently calls her “Baby” or “Girl”.

Kelly Lin

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