Kate Tsui tours Milan with a rich date

Kate Tsui

After having no luck with relationships for a long time, TVB actress Kate Tsui might have finally found her Prince Charming.

Kate’s 35th birthday fall on June 19, and the actress recently claimed that she had gone for a holiday in Turkey with a few friends, and shared a meal with them on the special day.

However, an insider claimed that Kate was spotted in Milan with a second-generation tycoon instead. The couple purportedly stayed there for one week before returning to Hong Kong.

According to reports, after she visited the Duomo church with her companion, they headed to a nearby department store, La Rinascente, where they enjoyed coffee and admired the sights at an open café on the roof of the building.

Kate appeared unworried that her relationship could potentially exposed by the numerous Chinese tourists at the café, behaving intimately with her partner.

Kate has had an illustrious romantic history, having been embroiled in scandals with Leon Lai, Chan Kwok-keung and Bosco Wong. However, she has not been in a stable relationship since she broke up with her optometrist boyfriend, Tse Wai Ip, the year before. Even when she was spotted drinking coffee with producer Peter Tsi, it ended up amounting to nothing.

Hence, it is the fervent wish of many fans that Kate has managed to find “the one” this time.

Kate Tsui

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