Kai Ko to release an album with Tia Li?

Kai Ko, Tia Li

It is said that Taiwanese actor-singer Kai Ko has agreed to work with rumoured girlfriend Tia Li to release an album. Tia, a member of Taiwanese group Dream Girls, revealed the group lacked ideas for their album release at the end of this year.

After the two were spotted going on three dates in a week last month, Dream Girls’ management company has latched onto this opportunity and approached Kai’s father for permission for them to work together. The actor’s father has reportedly approved of the collaboration but Angie Chai, who heads the management agency that Kai belongs to, will have the final say.

Tia was believed to have voluntarily approach Kai in private regarding the collaboration when her company was thinking of how to bring the matter up to him. Kai has also agreed to work with her for the album.

While his manager clarified that all collaborations are subjected to availability of schedules, Tia’s management agency is worried that these speculations will hurt the potentiality of this partnership.

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Kai Ko, Tia Li

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