Kai Ko to make a public apology for doing marijuana

Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko is set to apologise in public over drug use after his arrest two weeks ago. Currently serving his 14-day detention in China, the earliest day that the 23-year-old will be released is this Thursday.

Last Saturday night, Kai’s manager Angie Chai revealed that the details of his release has not been confirmed but Kai will return to Taiwan on the day of his release if time permits. The public  event will be held in Beijing and Taipei and Angie will be present at both sessions.

Kai’s father was said to have negotiated with the police to allow his son pass through the Taiwan immigration without being handcuffed, and he will personally lead his son to the police with his wife.

The police have agreed to this, but will not hesitate to call Kai up for interrogation or arrest him if need be.

If convicted, marijuana users will be jailed up to three years; if Kai is confirmed to have taken marijuana, he may have to go for rehabilitation.

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