Kai Ko speaks up about breakup

Kai Ko, Elva Hsiao

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and singer Elva Hsiao’s recent separation has stirred up a storm in Taiwan, and the former finally spoke up about the matter for the first time on Saturday.

Kai, 22, and Elva’s May-December romance was revealed when they were caught dating at a park in 2012. Many netizens felt that their 12-year age gap could be a barrier for the couple, and true to their words, Kai announced his “single” status through his manager last Thursday.

While Elva, 34, refused to answer any questions about their relationship, Kai commented on the issue at a charity event in Shanghai on Saturday: “Everything ends here.”

When the reporters asked Kai how it feels to be single again, he replied with a sullen expression, “[My mood] has always been good, you guys will write your own stuff anyway.”

One hour later and before he left the event, he added, “Readers have already seen the reports, any explanation will just seem like excuses to them now. I have lost faith in Taiwanese newspapers’ credibility, [and] will not be answering personal questions at events in the future.”

Rumour has it that Kai’s sour mood was because he was accused of having an affair, while he had always been very serious about his relationship with Elva when they were together.

Recently, the actor reportedly took to Facebook to vent his frustrations about his ex-girlfriend. Using the moniker “Impulsive Ko”, he posted: “[You were] unable to finish recording a sad song because ‘Tremor (‘Zhen Dong’, a similar pronunciation to Kai’s Chinese name)’ cheated [on you]… [It’s] confirmed that ‘Tremor’ cheated… How great! Why don’t the reporters know about my breakdown while filming?”

Although his manager did not confirm that “Impulsive Ko” is in fact Kai, he let slip that Kai only vented his frustrations on his private page because he was agitated, indirectly admitting that the account belongs to Kai.

The 22-year-old’s father also stepped up to support his son’s actions, stating that “everything happens for a reason”.

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