Kai Ko serves 14-day sentence for drug use

Kai Ko, Jaycee Chan

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko sparked a frantic search among friends and family when rumours of him getting arrested for drug use surfaced while he was uncontactable during a personal holiday. The speculations were later proven to be true when Beijing police confirmed that the 23-year-old was arrested together with Jaycee Chan for marijuana abuse.

Latest updates have established that he will be detained for 14 days. A video uploaded with the report also showed the star tearfully apologising to friends and family for his actions.

The pair was busted on Tuesday at a party hosted by 32-year-old Jaycee, who is the only son of superstar Jackie Chan. Jaycee is said to have hosted parties in his Beijing home often and invited Kai to the ill-fated affair as the latter happened to be in Beijing. Beijing police later uncovered more than 100g of marijuana from the scene of arrest.

Kai’s agency has issued a statement expressing that they received a call from the law enforcement agency confirming that he will be detained for 14 days for drug use. The company has since apologised and declared that they will take full responsibility for not imparting the right principles to their star.

In a video interview by China Central Television (CCTV), Kai expressed his regret for his monumental mistake and tearfully shared that he feels sorry to his family, friends and fans. He choked up when mentioning his family, expressing that he knows of the hurt and sadness they must be experiencing at the news.

He also stressed that he will learn from his mistake and promised to stay on the right side of the law in future. “From today, I’ll make myself a better person and face everyone with open arms. I also hope that my family, friends and everyone who like me can face me with open arms,” he shared.

What makes matters worse is that Kai once represented an anti-drug campaign with other stars, where he declared that drugs were “useless”.

Ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao has since declared her support for him through her manager, stating that she will continue to support her good friend, praising him as a celebrity who takes his work seriously and expressing her wish for the public to continue to support him through this difficult time.

Kai Ko

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