Kai Ko may be cut from Tiny Times 4

Kai Ko, Guo Jingming

The jury is still out on the fate of Kai Ko’s entertainment career, with the spotlight being put on his upcoming movie, Tiny Times 4. The actor starred in three prequels in the wildly popular franchise, which also stars actresses Yang Mi and Amber Kuo.

Director Guo Jingming attended the press conference of an upcoming Guangdong Television reality show, Road to Star, on which he will be one of the three judges. In response to queries on whether Kai’s scenes will be retained in the final version, he expressed that no decision has been made yet but that there is a possibility that his scenes may be partially or even fully cut from the film. He stressed that they will do their best to allow viewers to watch the full movie.

He also revealed that he has spoken to Kai recently, but it was on a wholly personal context. He declined to comment if he had found a replacement for the 23-year-old actor.

Taiwanese singer Annie Yi, who divorced Harlem Yu in 2009, was also revealed to be one of the judges. In her first public appearance after her high-profile proposal from fiancé Qin Hao, she was grilled on whether she got pregnant deliberately in order to force the marriage on him.

She rejected all rumours and declared that she will not give birth to any children outside of marriage. When probed further on her wedding day, she coyly quipped, “I won’t tell you.”

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Annie Yi

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