Kai Ko lashes out at Elva Hsiao?

Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has reportedly slammed his ex-girlfriend, singer Elva Hsiao, on social media again.

The former couple’s May-December relationship came to an end last month, and rumour has it that Elva, 34, has already found a new beau – Elroy Cheo, Vanness Wu’s brother-in-law.

Members of the public reported sightings of Elva and Elroy enjoying a meal together on July 7, and provided pictures as evidence. They reportedly behaved intimately with each other, just like a couple in the throes of love.

The media quickly found out that the man in the pictures is Elroy, the younger brother of Vanness’ Singaporean wife, Arissa Cheo. The Cheo family is part of local media giant, MediaCorp’s management team, and also does business in the offshore oil industry. Their assets are valued at NT$100 billion (approximately S$4.1 billion).

The night before, Kai, 23, posted a picture on his Instagram, and wrote the following caption: “Could it be… that there are really deities three inches above our heads (a Chinese saying for “Heaven is always watching”).”

After the news about Elva and Elroy broke out, he posted once again: “Thank you Heaven, for always stepping out at the right time… Thank you Heaven! [For] knowing right from wrong! Thank you Heaven! [For] letting me grow from my mistakes! Lastly… thank you… and hoping that Heaven! Will give those evil-doers… a big slap”.

As the time of his posts coincides with the time when news about Elva’s supposed new romance was released, many are speculating that his harsh words are directed at Elva.

Kai and Elroy, who were once good friends, also unfollowed each other on Instagram recently, feeding the rumours that their relationship had soured because of Elva.

Reporters tried to ask Kai about his posts during the press conference for Tiny Times 3 in Beijing yesterday, but were unable to do so due to the strict security measures.

When they directed their questions towards his manager, no response was given as well.

As for Elva, her manager refused to respond to the rumours, and expressed: “Badmouthing someone will incur bad karma for yourself. Elva is choosing not to explain or speak ill about anyone no matter what they say, thanks.”

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