Kai Ko denies romance with Tia Li

Kai Ko

After his high-profile split with Elva Hsiao, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been spotted on three midnight dates with Dream Girls member Tia Li last week, sparking widespread speculation about his new romance.

At the press conference of new Taiwanese film A Choo on Wednesday, writer-producer Giddens Ko poked fun at the You Are the Apple of My Eye star, saying, “Welcome to Kai Ko’s rumour clarification conference.”

However, Kai’s good mood did not seem to be affected by the rumours as he cheerily described his role in the movie as “a man who cannot falter because of love”.

When probed on his relationship with Tia, the 23-year-old revealed that they have only known each other for a short time and insisted that they are not dating.

“I’ve been meeting up with my friends recently,” he added. “(So are you interested in becoming more than friends with Tia?) I’m interested in many people. There’s room for development with everyone.”

As all the questions directed at Kai were related to his love life, the actor ranted: “Everyone is entitled to the right to make friends. This makes me look like a pervert who wants to date everyone I meet. I’ve always had many female friends.”

Afterwards, Kai reaffirmed his bachelorhood status with a microblog post. He wrote: “I’m still single.”

Meanwhile, Tia has also responded to the rumours via her manager. The singer-actress clarified that she was not referring to Kai when speaking about her ideal marriage partner at a press conference earlier this week. “We always hang out in a group and are really just friends,” she said.

Kai Ko, Tia Li

Kai Ko and Tia Li were spotted on a date by the paparazzi.

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