Kai Ko considered quitting showbiz during detention

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who was arrested in China last month for using marijuana, held a public apology in Beijing last Friday following his release. He returned to Taiwan on Saturday and held a similar public apology.

During the press conference, Kai apologised repeatedly for disappointing those who supported him and promised to “change for the better”. He also admitted to feeling lost and said that he had entertained thoughts of quitting showbiz during his two-week detention.

His manager, Angie Chai, told the media she was heartbroken when the first thing she heard from him after his release was, “What do I do now? I cannot work for the company anymore.”

When asked about his detention, the 23-year-old confessed to not being able to sleep in peace. He had to get up at six in the morning for lessons and shared a room with eight other people. The actor did not receive any special treatment and said, “Those who shared the room with me do not know who I am.”

The star, who shot to fame for his role in romance flick You’re The Apple Of My Eye, was accused of putting on a show when he cried profusely at an earlier press conference in Beijing. But Kai said it was not for show and no scripts were written.

As for previous news on China’s media industry banning him for two years, both Kai and Angie clarified they have not received any ruling to date. Although there have been several pull-outs from advertisers, the actor has garnered support from many others too.

Kai has not finalised plans for a comeback and will lie low for now to reflect on his actions and continue his studies to get a degree. His post on Facebook last Saturday: “I apologise to everyone, I will be better.” received more than 100,000 “likes” after an hour.

In addition, Chinese star Joyce Chang, who was also arrested in the drug bust, has been released last Friday as well. She wrote on Weibo that she “did not engage in any misdeeds” with Kai.

The actor responded, “I do know her, and we both have done wrong. I hope we can correct our mistakes at this point of time.”

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