Kai Ko caught cheating on Elva Hsiao?

Kai Ko, Tracy

Taiwanese celebrity couple Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko’s relationship appeared to have taken yet another turn for the worse, after rumours spread that they have not been speaking to each other for a month.

A month ago, 23-year-old Kai was seen putting his arm on the waist of a long-haired girl on the streets, and the pair went off with another friend for a meal. Before they parted, the girl took the initiative to hug him and even laid her head on his chest.

Reporters soon found out that the girl is a participant from Taiwanese variety show ‘College Talk’, named Tracy.

Just today, it was reported that Elva had caught Kai behaving intimately with another girl, which resulted in their ‘cold war’, sparking speculations that this may be the abovementioned incident.

When contacted by the media, Kai responded through his manager and said: “She’s the girlfriend of my friend.”

His manager declined to comment when asked if the couple is currently not speaking to each other.

Reporters then contacted Elva’s manager, who replied: “Elva is currently focused on preparing for her new album, so it’s not convenient to talk about personal issues now.”

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