Kai Ko avoids speaking about Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko stayed true to his words and avoided speaking about his ex-girlfriend, singer Elva Hsiao, at an event on Monday.

The 22-year-old’s May-December relationship with Elva, 34, came to an end recently. When he was asked about his thoughts on the matter, Kai had previously commented, “Everything ends here.”

However, while he was in Shanghai with the cast of movie Tiny Times 3 for an event on Monday, Kai did not answer any questions about Elva.

The director of Tiny Times 3, Guo Jingming, requested for the media not to mention the issue: “[You] can’t ask [about Kai and Elva]; please respect the fact that all [the other] actors are here. Please make private arrangements with him if you want to ask about that.”

When reporters tried to ask about Kai’s mood following the breakup, Jingming stepped up to deflect the questions. In the end, the actor only managed to say, “I’m very happy that I get to promote [the movie] with the cast.”

Kai had previously vented his frustrations about his former lover through his private Facebook page, and attracted criticism for being ungentlemanly.

His father recently came under fire as well, for displaying support for him on Instagram. Netizens criticised the man for sniping Elva about her age, commenting “[Are you] bullying Elva because she doesn’t have a mother”, “They are both adults [and] don’t need [their] parents to say anything, okay”, and “[Are they] a Mummy’s girl [and] Daddy’s boy?”

Additionally, Tracy, the Taiwanese variety show College Talk participant who shot to fame after being pinpointed as the “third-party” in Kai and Elva’s relationship, admitted that the man wearing a black shirt in recently revealed photos is her boyfriend.

On Monday, netizens found that Tracy’s boyfriend is called Xiao Mai, and was her junior in school. Xiao Mai was also revealed to have dated and broken up with Taiwanese artiste Fang Zhiyou twice.

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