Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan arrested for drug use

Kai Ko

Kai Ko’s personal life was put in the spotlight when his split from fellow entertainer Elva Hsiao happened earlier this year. The 23-year-old was said to be deeply affected by the split and even lashed out at his older ex on social media after the breakup.

Recent rumours have declared that the actor was busted for taking drugs, with microblog users stating, “Kai Ko got caught for doing drugs (and) my dad questioned him for a night. Wait for the news.” Another added fuel to the fire, adding, “Someone in my circle of friends posted (that) Kai Ko got busted for drugs.” The posts were subsequently deleted.

Upon hearing the news, media outlets have contacted Kai’s manager to validate the claims, to which she has replied, “I’ve heard about (the news), let me find him first. I’m really anxious too.”

She revealed that the actor is currently on holiday and has the habit of remaining uncontactable during his rest periods, causing both his family and agency to worry about him. Messages left by the media for him to clarify his current whereabouts have also gone unanswered. Ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao has also confirmed that she has not contacted him recently.

Latest reports have confirmed that both Jaycee and Kai were apprehended late on Tuesday night and are currently in the custody of Beijing police pending further investigation. Kai’s agency has maintained that they will only make an official statement at 8PM tonight. Jaycee’s spokesperson has blasted the reports, calling it impossible.

Entertainment insiders have speculated that Kai’s company will structure their statement according to official reports without divulging too much information. However, Kai’s massive popularity and Jaycee’s status as Jackie Chan and Lin Feng Jiao’s only son will only strengthen the media hype over the arrest.

Kai burst onto the scene with You Are the Apple of My Eye in 2011 and solidified his star status with the Tiny Times franchise, both spinoffs from popular novels. However, his future in China may come to a complete standstill if he is convicted of drug abuse, as 42 performing art agencies have recently pledged to not hire any artistes that have been related to drugs in any way in a bid to purify the local entertainment scene.

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