Jun Ji Hyun to star in movie with Tony Leung?

Tony Leung, Jun Ji Hyun

Rumour has it that famed Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai has plans to invite Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun to join the production of his new movie, The Ferryman, co-starring Hong Kong actor Tony Leung.

The Ferryman depicts the story of a girl, Ah Yu, who is in a one-sided love with a married man, Ma Li. However, Ma Li is unable to get over his cheating ex-wife, and Ah Yu has no choice in the end but to give him her blessings and leave. If she accepts the role, Ji Hyun will act as Ah Yu, while Tony will play Ma Li.

An insider revealed that both parties are inclined towards a collaboration, but as Ji Hyun has already accepted a role in South Korean director Choi Dong Hoon’s new movie, Assassin, there are worries that their schedules will clash.

Well-known actors such as Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo are purportedly also participating in this star-studded blockbuster.

When contacted by the media over the phone, the spokesperson for Kar-wai’s production company, Jet Tones Pte Ltd,  expressed: “Boss Wong Kar-wai is indeed going to start filming [an adaptation of] Zhang Jiajia’s novel, The Ferryman, in the later half of the year, but [we] will reveal the complete cast only when everything is confirmed. At the present stage, we will not speculate on which artistes we will be inviting for a collaboration. All I can say is that all the actors we are liaising with are prominent ones.”

Additionally, rumour has it that the movie has a sky-high budget of RMB$1.5 billion (approximately S$30 million), and Kar-wai’s directorial fee costs a hefty RMB$20 million (approximately S$4 million). Tony’s salary stands at RMB$35 million (approximately S$7 million), while Ji Hyun, Takeshi, Tang Wei and Xiubo’s salaries are expected to be around RMB$10 million (approximately S$2 million) each.

The author of the original story, Zhang Jiajia, revealed during a recent interview that he had once discussed suitable roles for Tony with Kar-wai, and eventually tweaked a few things to accommodate the actor.

As for Kar-wai being famously slow with his work, Jiajia expressed that he is not worried about the amount of time that it will take to film the movie, for he is in accordance with many of the director’s views, and believes that it won’t take long for the movie to hit the cinemas.

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