Jun Ji Hyun to replace Tang Wei in movie role?

Tang Wei

Amidst speculation that Chinese actress Tang Wei is pregnant after she was spotted with a belly bumpand sitting on a wheelchair, recent rumours have it that she has resigned from the sequel for Finding Mr. Right.

Last year, the movie – which stars Tang Wei and Chinese actor Wu Xiubo – met with phenomenal success in Chinese box offices, earning a total of TW$25 billion (approximately S$1 billion) in ticket sales.

The production company invited both leads to star in a sequel in hopes of achieving the same level of success, but Tang Wei allegedly resigned from the role due to her previous scandal with Xiubo and her marriage to South Korean director Kim Tae Yong.

At the same time, the actress is rumoured to be three months pregnant. Although her appearance at recent events gave no hint to her body condition, her decision to stop working for the rest of the year has fueled the speculations.

Tang Wei’s manager denied claims that the former quit the movie production:  “[We] heard about the sequel, but didn’t receive any requests for Tang Wei to star in it.”

Additionally, rumour has it that the production company for Finding Mr. Right is inclined to get Hallyu actress Jun Ji Hyun to replace Tang Wei in the leading role. At the moment, both parties are still discussing the details. If Ji Hyun accepts the role, filming will begin in March next year, as both Xiubo and her schedules are already packed for the rest of the year.

The sequel will purportedly be named Bei Jing Yu Shang Shou Er (Beijing meets Seoul), and will depict the comical situations that occur after the male and female leads meet in Seoul. For Ji Hyun’s convenience, the production company is prepared to set most of the location shoots in Seoul.

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