Jolin Tsai’s name illegally used in boyfriend’s ad

Jolin Tsai, Vivian Dawson

Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai recently made a free “appearance” in her boyfriend, model-actor Vivian Dawson’s property advertisement.

The couple has been dating for four years, since Vivian, 30, was still an unknown male model. This year, he finally had his first big break through the popular Chinese movie Tiny Times 3, which garnered favourable response in Mainland China.

His new-found popularity helped bag two endorsements in China, which are estimated to bring him TW$29 million (approximately S$1.22 million) in earnings.

As the pronounciation of his Chinese name, “Jin Rong”, is similar to the name of a housing estate in Kaohsiung, he was offered a million-dollar endorsement deal for the property. The ad was printed on newspapers recently. In order to attract attention, the advertisers sneakily inserted Jolin’s name into the body copy through a clever pun – thus getting the singer to “endorse” their product without forking out the TW$8 million(S$330,220) that Jolin, 34, usually gets for an endorsement.

When Vivian found out about this on Monday, he declared that he was not told of the advertiser’s crafty move. His manager also claimed that they have already contacted the other party; the advertiser has agreed to pull the advertisement and change the body copy.

Jolin is currently busy preparing for her new album, and her manager declined comment on the issue.

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Jolin Tsai, Vivian Dawson

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