Jolin Tsai’s hit song gets a hilarious spoof

Jolin Tsai

Recently, popular web cartoonist “Byebyechuchu” made a 10-second video spoof of pop diva Jolin Tsai’s hit song ‘Wu Niang’. The short clip attracted attention, praise and shares from a large amount of netizens, and was even shared by Jolin herself!

The main character in the short clip sports a rocket-like hairstyle, and dances comically to the lyrics of the song: “I don’t rest on snowy and summer nights. The years are blurred [as] I crush the sandglass of time [with my foot].”

At the very last moment, he literally steps on a sandglass – and howls in pain as blood spurts from his blistered foot. The humourous take on the song saw the video going viral amongst netizens.

The parody attracted more than 20,000 likes on Facebook after being uploaded for only two days. Many people commented that they “laughed till they teared” and “didn’t just watch it once, but repeatedly pressed the replay button”.

On Sunday, Jolin got in on the fun by sharing the post on Facebook, jokingly lamenting: “Don’t be like this.”

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Jolin Tsai

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