Jolin Tsai refuses to attend Jay Chou’s wedding

Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai refused to attend her ex-boyfriend, Jay Chou’s wedding.

The 33-year-old was at the press conference for a cosmetics brand in Taipei yesterday, when she was asked about Jay’s impending wedding in January next year.

Jolin generously expressed her happiness at the news: “Much congratulations to him!”

However, when the reporter asked her if she would attend his wedding banquet, the singer gasped, “Is it good for me to go?”

She admitted to being afraid that she would divert the media’s attention from the bride and groom if she appeared, so she would rather give Jay a cash gift instead.

Jolin added that she is very afraid of receiving questions about marriage, as she has no plans to do so right now.

Is she saying that she would even reject a proposal from her current boyfriend, model-actor Vivian Dawson? Jolin replied, “There are no such actions right now.”

Additionally, Jolin will be collaborating with the creator of Hello Kitty, Yuko Shimizu, for her new album in October. The designer will incorporate images of Jolin’s beloved dog, Whoo Hoo, onto the album’s premiums.

The star claimed to not be afraid that her pet will surpass her in fame, joking that she is its “manager”. She also praised Yuko for bringing out the essence of Whoo Hoo’s “cocked head pose” extremely well.

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