Johnson Lee and Joey Meng caught kissing

Johnson Lee, Joey Meng

It was said that sparks flew between Hong Kong actress Joey Meng and co-actor Johnson Lee when the pair filmed drama Officer Geomancer early this year. However, they each came up with different explanations to dispel these speculations.

Johnson uploaded photos of fellow actress Myolie Wu and himself hugging, which drew attention away from the relationship between him and Joey. Married to screenwriter Chan Sap Sam for nearly 14 years, Joey will occasionally post their loving photos onto Weibo as well.

Despite appearing distant on the outside, Johnson and Joey were reportedly getting closer in private, and are cautious when they meet their group of friends together.

Last Friday, the two left together after a meal with five friends from the industry. As it was pouring, he sheltered her with an umbrella and put his hand on her shoulders as the duo strolled happily along the road.

Both were a little tipsy and had their hands all over each other at a junction when Johnson suddenly lowered the umbrella and leaned in for a passionate kiss. They were seen kissing each other’s faces, ears and lips.

In response, Joey claimed “the angle was wrong” and said, “I don’t wish to explain, those at the scene will know what is going on. The person who took this photo also knows what really happened. These (underhand) methods have already been used many times, nothing new.”

An insider revealed, “Johnson is really different to Joey. Besides coaxing her, he cares for and professes his adoration for her. He is rarely so infatuated with girls, so Joey is pretty perplexed.”

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Johnson Lee, Joey Meng

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