JJ Lin denies cheating accusations

JJ Lin, Jean Kao

Local singer JJ Lin refuted rumours that he is in a relationship with Taiwanese actress Jean Kao, and had cheated on her with an unknown woman.

Dating rumours surfaced when Jean, 35, flew to Hangzhou to support JJ’s concert last month, and even participated in the celebration party afterwards. Following that, a netizen named “Hengyi Queen”, who claimed to be a staff, posted pictures of the party, revealing JJ’s close relationship with Jean.

The couple purportedly met at the inauguration party for JJ’s fashion label, and their relationship was further speculated when Jean posted photos of her modelling clothes from the label.

However, the 33-year-old singer was recently spotted leaving his house with another young woman. The couple alighted from the car at different locations before heading to the same place to meet up with friends. Afterwards, the young woman took a cab back to JJ’s house alone.

When asked for an explanation, JJ responded through Warner Music, expressing that he often hung out with Jean because of their mutual friends; he refused to comment on the other woman.

Similarly, Jean released a statement though Eelin Entertainment executive Zhu Meifang, claiming that although she did go to JJ’s concert in Hangzhou, they are merely friends who get along and nothing more.

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Jean Kao

Jean Kao

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