Jimmy Lin’s sports car crashed by friend

Jimmy Lin

Last month, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin lent his white Audi R8 sports car to a friend, who got into an accident while driving it. Although the car was badly damaged, the 39-year-old reportedly did not ask for compensation from his buddy, as he believed that the fees to repair it would be covered by the insurance company.

However, the actor later learned that he would have to bear the full repair cost, which is estimated to be NT8 million (S$330,000), due to the policy’s requirement that “Jimmy is driving the car at time of accident”.

Sources then claimed that Jimmy went back on his word and asked his friend for indemnity, causing him to be criticised by netizens.

Responding to the rumours, Jimmy clarified that he did not insure the car and that his friend had bought him another sports car as a form of repayment. “The repairs do not cost NT8 million. The situation is still under evaluation,” he said, while emphasising that he would not further comment on this incident.

Jimmy Lin

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