Jimmy Lin’s son steals the limelight

Jimmy Lin

For the first time, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin brought his son Kimi for the press conference of father-child reality programmme Dad, Where Are You Going?, which father and son have appeared in, and naturally, the five-year-old boy became the centre of media attention.

Their interactions in the show were very genuine, and Jimmy appeared to be especially concerned that Kimi could not complete certain tasks on his own. This was because on usual days when Jimmy had to leave home for work, he did so secretly as he did not want his son to be upset, but this in turn left a negative psychological impression on Kimi, causing the boy to be a little clingy towards his father.

But as Kimi grew up, he grew to understand that his father has to be away at times, and even requested Jimmy to “spend more time with Mummy”, an act that greatly moved his father.

Although Jimmy expressed his desire to have a daughter, he admitted that it has been a little difficult as he had been so busy with his book, music album and work that he barely had time for his family. “If I really want to have another child, I’ll have to dedicate more time to my family,” he said.

The baby-faced actor has often been named a ‘boy-idol’, but the modest Jimmy said light-heartedly that he is neither tall, rich nor handsome, qualities he feels a ‘boy-idol’ should have. Now, all eyes are on his son, he said with feeling.

“Everyone now calls me Kimi’s daddy, and even on the streets everyone’s looking for Kimi,” he said with a laugh.

Since his boy is so popular, will he ever consider training him for a possible showbiz career?

“I haven’t thought about it yet,” he replied thoughtfully. “We’ll just leave it to nature, and film a couple of commercials for now.”

Jimmy Lin

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