Jimmy Lin reveals the new iPhone 6

Jimmy Lin

On Wednesday, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin uploaded a photo of a phone believed to be the new iPhone 6. In his Weibo post, he also attached a picture which compares the physical features of an iPhone 5S and the alleged iPhone 6.

He wrote: “[The phone comes with a] 4.7 inch screen and its antenna is no longer hidden. It got rid of its right-angle design and now has a better grip. With a bigger screen and better grip, it’s more convenient for those who love to watch videos on their phones!”

The post was shared by over 55,000 people within an hour, inciting heated discussion among netizens.

Although some people suspected that Jimmy was only holding on to a model phone, others pointed out that his previous posts about the iPhones had always been accurate.

Meanwhile, some detractors criticised the actor for showing off his wealth. “[He is] letting us know in advance how ugly the iPhone 6 looks,” a netizen commented.

Jimmy Lin

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