Jaycee Chan may face 3 years in prison

Jaycee Chan  Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko may have been released from his two-week detention last Friday (Aug 29) but there has been no news on Jaycee Chan’s status after the two were arrested together for drug use.

Jaycee, who is still in detention, will reportedly face trial as early as the middle of September for his crimes. The 31-year-old has admitted to having consumed marijuana for eight years and is in an even worse position because he is seen to have been the provider of the drug for others such as Kai. The duo was arrested in Jaycee’s property. According to Chinese law, he faces a maximum of three years in prison, with only one chance of appealing if found guilty.

In light of the arrests, the spotlight has also been placed on those who are close to Jaycee and Kai, which is said to have brought about some changes in their schedules. Wilson Chen (also known as Chen Bo Lin) abruptly canceled an endorsement event whereas Sammo Hung is said to have banned his son, Timmy Hung, from visiting Beijing. Eason Chan’s Dalian concert, which is scheduled for Saturday, will go on.

Chinese actor Zhang Mo, who was arrested in a separate case for marijuana use, was released after a 14-day detention but a warrant of arrest has been issued as it is his second offence. Recent rumours have claimed that a name list which includes 120 of the rich and famous, including ten Hong Kong artistes that are on the watch list for drug-related offences were denied by authorities despite numerous calls for swift action to be taken against those on the list.

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