Jaycee Chan loses 3kg after 11 days in detention

Jaycee Chan and Lin Feng Jiao

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan’s only son, Jaycee Chan, has since been detained for 11 days following his arrest two weeks ago for doing drugs with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko.

The 31-year-old, who has admitted to be taking drugs for eight years, did not know the severity of his offence when his lawyer visited him in the detention centre the first time.

But when his lawyer visited a second time yesterday, Jaycee looked visibly haggard and lost three kilograms from 65 kg. He appeared lost and helpless, holding back his tears and putting on a brave front.

As Jaycee was in possession of marijuiana and implicated others into using them, the longest he could be detained is 37 days and jailed for up to four years. He is not to see any family or friends before the trial.

Jackie is reportedly still in Beijing searching for a solution to help his son while his wife, Lin Feng-jiao, stayed in Hong Kong and gets updates on Jaycee through the lawyer.

Jackie Chan and family

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