Jaycee Chan could be jailed up to 4 years for drug charge

Jaycee Chan, Lin Feng-jiao, Jackie Chan

On Monday night, the Beijing police confirmed the arrests of Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and Chinese artiste Jaycee Chan, the son of action star Jackie Chan, last Thursday. Both Kai and Jaycee have tested positive for marijuana and confessed to taking the drug.

According to media reports, Jaycee threw a party at his luxurious apartment in Beijing last Thursday, where he hosted several of his good friends in the industry. Kai, who was in the city to promote his new movie, was also invited to the gathering. 

Later, the police seized more than 100g of marijuana in Jaycee’s residence. As a result, Jaycee is being suspected of harbouring drug users, an offence which carries a penalty of up to four years in jail. If convicted of drug possession, the 31-year-old could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Jackie, the popular face of anti-drug campaigns, has reportedly rushed back to Beijing to handle the situation. Former actress Lin Feng-jiao is also said to be extremely disappointed by her son’s mistakes.

An apology statement has also been issued on the website of Jaycee’s company, M’Stones International, last night.

The statement read: “We have confirmed that M’Stones artiste Jaycee Chan has been arrested in Beijing on drug charges. Details of the case are still being confirmed. He is currently at the detention centre, and our lawyers have not gotten in touch with him. On behalf of Jaycee Chan, M’Stones International would like to issue an apology to the public. Along with Jaycee, the company would take responsibility for the trouble this matter has caused.”

M’Stones also stated that the company, who has a long-time working relationship with Jaycee, is willing to trust the artiste and to assist him in turning over a new leaf.

Kai Ko, Jaycee Chan

Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan.

Jaycee Chan

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