Jaycee Chan charged and formally arrested

Jaycee Chan

Singer-actor Jaycee Chan, who was detained last month for possessing and consuming marijuana, has been charged with allowing others to consume drugs last Wednesday. He was also formally arrested by Beijing Police yesterday.

Jaycee was previously detained with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who has been released on August 29.

It is believed that Jaycee can be detained for a maximum of 37 days as the court procedures in China take a long time. If there is no evidence gathered by then, he can be released.

Till date, the 31-year-old has been detained for 34 days and future investigation can take up to seven months. However, Jaycee’s charges are comparatively less serious and it will take at most two months to decide the verdict.

During detention, he was not allowed to meet his parents, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan and Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao, and only met his lawyer five times.

As to reports that Jackie has been trying to get his son acquitted, Jaycee’s manager clarified that was not the case and Jackie has no intentions of getting involved, while Feng-jiao remained in Hong Kong all this while.

While discussions are still ongoing with four product endorsements by Jaycee, namely for mantou (steamed buns), luggages, doors and mobile phones, his manager denied that Dove chocolate had changed the ambassador due to the drug saga, and explained their contract had already expired before the incident.

If convicted, Jaycee could be jailed up to three years.

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