Jay Chou in Japan with Hannah Quinlivan and family

Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan

Mandopop singer-songwriter Jay Chou was recently seen taking a holiday with his girlfriend, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan and her family in Japan, nearly four months after their getaway in Paris in February.

According to netizens, the couple was spotted shopping in the day and buying supper for the family, and looked intimate like a married couple.

A male friend was travelling with them, and both he and Jay were discussing magic tricks and the dressings of Japanese Visual Kei artistes, while Hannah was seen chipping in to the conversation from time to time.

It was said that the male friend is actually Hannah’s elder brother, and the family had gone on holiday to celebrate his birthday.

Although Jay has been busy with his concerts since end April, he immediately took time off after his Beijing concert to join his girlfriend and her family in Tokyo.

A Chinese exchange student in Tokyo also posted online that she’d seen the celebrity couple, but when netizens asked excitedly if it was true that Hannah appeared pregnant, the student replied that she didn’t seem to be, but praised her beauty and good figure.

When asked about Jay’s Japan trip, his management company declined to comment.

Hannah’s management revealed that she had taken six days of leave to travel with her mother, brother and sister, but did not comment on whether Jay was holidaying with them as well.

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