Jay Chou hopes to have a magic-themed wedding

Jay Chou

He dabbles in magic tricks and occasionally performs them for fans at his concerts or on TV programmes, like CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala in 2011.

Jay Chou is reportedly so fond of the craft that he intends to throw a magic-themed wedding in January next year. A move which was said to be inspired by his judging stint on Chinese reality show, The Great Magician, which is set to air this weekend.

The show will see nine magicians pairing up with nine celebrities, and participants will learn magic tricks and perform it with their mentors. Jay, the magic enthusiast, was said to have met with six magicians in private to discuss the details of a performance too.

When Jay’s manager was asked to verify rumours of his plans to throw a “magical” wedding, the latter confirmed that the superstar is currently preparing for a magic segment in the CCTV show, but did not comment if he’d be showcasing his talents during his wedding.

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