Japanese fan Yuki strikes back at Jam Hsiao

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao has been embroiled in several conflicts with his wealthy Japanese fan, Yuki. Latest news on their ongoing feud states she will be holding a press conference on the same day as Jam, to clarify on her involvement in the singer’s faeces attack.

Yuki has repeatedly denied her involvement in the attacks, but was unable to rid herself of suspicion. Her lawyer revealed that Yuki will be addressing her failed lawsuit against the Liberty Times publication, and the report by TIME magazine that accused her of having relations with the mafia.

Yuki’s father, who will be making an appearance to support his daughter, will also be expressing his own opinions at tomorrow’s press conference.

Coincidentally, Jam will also be holding a press conference for his new album on that afternoon. His manager, Summer, sighed helplessly, “[She’s] wasting time [and] wasting societal resources. She sues everyday [and] loses the case every time. Why would someone keep suing everyone she comes into contact with if there’s really nothing wrong with her?

Summer added that she will be pressing charges against Yuki for her claims of having had a one night stand with Jam in April: “[We’re] asking for NT$1 billion (approximately S$4.18 million) as compensation, and will donate the full amount. [This is] because these (Yuki’s actions) have slandered and harmed the artiste’s (Jam) reputation.”

Yuki was previously said to have sponsored many of his activities and even bought an apartment close to Jam’s residence last year. She once brought soup to his doorstep in the middle of the night and repeatedly rang the doorbell, irritating the singer and causing him to lash out on Facebook.

After the incident, Jam received numerous threats and was even attacked with faeces. He and his manager, Summer, directed the blame towards Yuki.

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